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Reimagine Cloud

Grow your business with the cost-effective
Alibaba Cloud solution that works as hard as you do.
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Reimagine your business
in the cloud

Alibaba Cloud, founded in 2009, is a global leader in cloud computing and artificial intelligence, providing services in more than 200 countries. Alibaba has an extensive global network with 85 availability zones across 28 regions. In addition to the strong global presence, Alibaba Cloud provides services at competitive prices, as well as on-demand technical support to reduce service lead times. As the exclusive Alibaba Cloud distributor for South Africa and preferred partner for the rest of Africa, BCX is perfectly positioned to scale customers’ cloud capabilities and offer expert skills that drive business growth on the Alibaba Cloud platform.

What cloud services does Alibaba Cloud provide?

Alibaba Cloud provides robust, secure and highly available infrastructure that frees you up to redefine your business boundaries and reimagine your world of work.
Through our expert teams and partnerships with world-leading service providers, we offer Software-as-a-Service, Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service, as well as a broad portfolio of industry solutions.
Solutions are custom-designed to be fit for purpose and align with your strategy and budget. Together with Alibaba Cloud, BCX will help you achieve the scalability, agility and availability you need. We provide superior security, connectivity, migration and modernisation as part of the package.

Why move to cloud?

Reimagine accessibility.
Drive your business’s growth with always-on, secure infrastructure that scales and flexes as you do, supporting change, growth and innovation.
Our services will help you gain agility, enhanced security and compliance, and simplified infrastructure management – with all the advantages of an OpEx rather than a CapEx model. 
Cloud solutions and infrastructure allow you to pay for what you use, with no over-provisioning, and always ensuring that your business tools are up to date with the latest versions. With all-cloud infrastructure, your business achieves secure continuity and always-on accessibility, wherever you and your team may be. And with Alibaba Cloud, you have expert skills at your disposal, the best infrastructure available, and the peace of mind that your business continuity and growth are supported.
  • Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Solutions
  • Strong Regional Presence
  • Global Support and Services
  • Elastic and Scalable Services
  • Security and Compliance
  • Advanced AI and Big Data Capabilities

Why Alibaba Cloud?

Alibaba Cloud operates 85 availability zones in 28 regions around the world, with more global regions set to follow. As the cloud computing arm and a business unit of Alibaba Group (NYSE: BABA), Alibaba Group provides a comprehensive suite of global cloud computing services to help power and grow your business.
No. 1 largest
Public cloud service provider in Asia
No. 3 largest
Public cloud service provider worldwide
Account managing data centres globally
CDN nodes
2.3 million
Alibaba Cloud
regions globally
and regions
800 million
Attempted attacks
stopped daily
1 day
Quick deploy
global network
Why move to cloud?

Alibaba Cloud Portal

Whether you simply need selected Software-as-a-Service, or you’re ready to take the leap to become a fully cloud-native enterprise, BCX and Alibaba Cloud can help with the solutions you need, now.
Discover how the BCX and Alibaba Cloud partnership makes world-class technology available to your business. These solutions remove barriers and connect your business with more customers around the world.
Alibaba Cloud Apsara Stack Platform
BCX is a leading, trusted systems integrator. We have partnered with one of the world’s top cloud providers – Alibaba Cloud – to provide the technology that best fits our clients’ needs.
Alibaba Cloud Ecosystem

African Local Public Cloud

Alibaba Cloud is the pioneer in Local Public Cloud, and BCX, as an exclusive partner in Africa, now offers you local hyper-scaler cloud capability as it enables data sovereignty, powerful cloud computing technologies, local operational support and competitive Rand-based pricing. BCX ALP (African Local Public) Cloud is based on Alibaba Cloud’s Apsara Stack technology platform, and for the initial phase, is deployed in one region (Johannesburg) containing two availability zones (AZs). The primary AZ is in the Teraco Isando JB3 facility, whilst the secondary AZ is deployed in BCX’s NDC1 facility in Midrand. Work is currently underway to expand ALP Cloud to include a region with a single AZ in Maputo, Mozambique, with deployments in other African countries under consideration.

The Stack, developed from world-leading architecture, enables the core business to be fully cloud-based and have access to industry-specific cloud scenarios. Underlining infrastructure is enforced by optimal security capabilities and provides a financial-grade disaster recovery solution and other customised disaster recovery modes to manage business continuity.

Watch the ALP Cloud Launch here.

Visit the CRE Portal here.

African Local Public Cloud

African Local Public Cloud

Alibaba Cloud ZStack<br />

Alibaba Cloud ZStack

Alibaba Cloud ZStack

Alibaba Cloud ZStack is a software-based IaaS platform that can be used for deploying private and hybrid cloud solutions. The platform offers next-generation open-source cloud computing Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and is designed for intelligent data centres of the future.

It can be easily deployed to manage hardware in data centres, servers on the edge, and hybrid cloud environments across on-premises and Alibaba Cloud resources. It provides high availability for VM instances and management nodes, ensuring the computing, network, and storage services of a VM instance work properly if the corresponding management node is disconnected.

Compared with traditional private and hybrid cloud solutions, Alibaba Cloud ZStack is more cost-efficient and scalable. You can deploy Alibaba Cloud ZStack from a single node in 30 minutes and easily scale out to hundreds of servers when needed. The ZStack Edge can be delivered independently, integrating container orchestration, virtualisation, distributed storage, offline autonomy, cloud-edge collaboration and other capabilities based on the cloud-native engine. It also provides end-to-end solutions such as intensive infrastructure construction, data security assurance and interoperability, and efficient O&M, combined with multiple business scenarios.



NaviClouDR is a multi-cloud disaster recovery solution that is simple, speedy and seamless. It can be accessed from anywhere, at any time in times of crisis, because it is offshore and cloud-based.

It is trusted by customers and partners for being the most reliable solution for cloud mobility, offering migration and disaster recovery. Automated lift-and-shift migration with continuous replication and testing is suitable for all kinds of scenarios, and allows you to migrate Windows Server and Linux machines between on-premises and Alibaba Cloud platforms.

An automated multi-cloud disaster recovery solution helps you achieve your RPO and RTO objectives. Continuous and scheduled replication with automated cloud disk creation that provides point-in-time recovery. Integrated one-click disaster recovery with unlimited testing and automatic orchestration of customised recovery plans.

  1. With any purchase of NaviClouDR DR Software (for 12 months) by BCX during the promotion period, you get 3 months’ free licence subcription.
  2. With any purchase of NaviClouDR DR capacity extension licence (for 12 months) by BCX during the promotion period, you get 3 months’ free licence subcription.
  3. Lastly, there’s massive discount of nearly 40% on professional services.


Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions

Alibaba Cloud bundles extensive industry experience and cloud capabilities to provide a comprehensive suite of cloud-native financial, retail and smart-living products and solutions that have built-in industry best practices. These solutions are tested in the Alibaba Cloud business before enterprise marketing. Alibaba Cloud has over 200 industry solutions that can be scaled up or down depending on your business needs.

Channel Partner Programme

Become an official Alibaba Cloud reseller or web application development partner. Resellers have a unique opportunity to sell Alibaba Cloud products and solutions to customers or bundle them with their own solutions.
Alibaba Cloud Certified Reseller

Alibaba Cloud Academy Africa

The vision of the BCX Academy in Africa is to build Alibaba Cloud competencies whilst creating value for a variety of our key stakeholders across Africa. Our diverse approach to Alibaba Cloud skills development will contribute significantly to the lives of Africans of all ages and demographics.
Together with the Alibaba Cloud Academy, we have developed learning pathways and opportunities for our employees, our partners, our customers and – of equal importance – our youth.

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